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  • These Tattoo Shops Are Worth Checking Out

    Are you looking for the best place in the Chicago area to get that special tattoo that you always wanted? Perhaps you are looking for an affordable place with the business hours that fit your busy work schedule. Whichever is the case, there are tattoo shops in the Chicago area that can meet your needs.


    Cry Babbies Tattoo

    CBT has lots of ideas for you to choose from. If you have ideas of your own, they can also make your tattoo custom made. They also do body piercings, portraits, new and old school tattooing. If you want to have a piercing done, they have a huge selection of body jewelry for you. This company has been open since 2007. They also have promotions going on. For tattoos, it’s $20 off if the price is $100 or more. Their piercings start at $30. To fit your busy work schedule, they are open seven days a week from noon till 2:00 a.m. For more information, click here.

    Insight Studios

    This shop does piercings, tattoos, and tattoo removal. They have been open since 2005. Insight Studios also do custom tattooing. If you choose this option, you can bring your design so the artist will have an idea of the way you want it done. I am sure they can help you in any way they can in a professional manner.

    Code of Conduct

    This company does not do piercings. The minimum they charge is $60. If you choose to have a large tattoo done; they charge $150 per hour. The business hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 1:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. Their artist also sells prints, t-shirts, stickers, and toys of their artwork. This would be like a gift. Their website can be found here.

    Infamous Ink

    Infamous Ink is open seven days a week to fit your schedule. A discount is often given to groups of 5 or more. If you call for an appointment; they do require a deposit. They also require their customers to be 18 also. This company does specialize in custom designs and portraits as well.

    Goodkind Tattoo

    Much like CoC, Goodkind does not to any body piercings. They are strictly a tattoo parlor. This is great because if you’re truly looking for a unique tattoo, then you’re going to a place that strictly does tattoos, and they are true pros. Goodkind Tattoo is one of the highest rated tattoo shops in Chicago. This is the place to go if you need something custom. For more information, visit their site.

    So, you may be wondering, how do you go about choosing the right tattoo shop? This all depends on your wants and needs. If you work a busy schedule, then I would advise you to pick one of these shops that would fit your availability. You can also call ahead of time to see if an appointment is required. Although, some do accept walk-ins. If you are wanting a tattoo but not sure on what you want; I’m sure these artists will assist you in making that decision. Maybe you would want a piercing to go along with that tattoo. These places can assist you with that also. It’s best to call ahead of time to see if the shop you choose does the piercings. Regardless of what your needs are; these places can help you. Whether if this is your first tattoo or not, they will make your visit as comfortable as possible. Just keep all of these things in mind when you are trying to decide on choosing that special place for that special tattoo.