Piercing Info

Does it hurt ?
Pain is a very subjective individual experience. Everyone feels pain differently. Some people feel having a piercing is painful, whilst others don’t! Millions of people are pierced each year and consider the level of pain a worthwhile trade-off for the other benefits. You should consider your own attitude to pain and discuss any fears with people that have already been pierced.

Based upon my observations of the reaction, as well as the comments of the people just after being pierced, I have prepared a sliding scale of the pain experienced in piercings. This has a number 1 as the most painful and 14 being the least painful. Remember this is only a rough guide and everyone has their own unique translation of pain:-

1. Nose-Septum

2. Nose-Bridge

3. Male Nipple

4. Ear– Tragus

5. Female Nipple

6. Lip

7. Nose Nostril

8. Eyebrow

9. Male Genitalia

10. Female Genitalia

11. Tongue

12. Top Ear

13. Navel

14. Ear lobe

Do you use Anaesthetic ?
A local freezing agent spray is used for most piercings apart from oral or genital areas. Usually anaesthesia is produced within 30 seconds and only last for 2 minutes. For oral piercings a different anaesthetic is used which acts as a numbing agent which gradually wears off after about 5 minutes.

Will I bleed ?
Most piercings bleed. This usually stops after a few minutes and may occasionally re-occur a little during the first few days.

Can I carry on as normal afterwards?
It is not advisable for strenuous activities after piercings such as the navel, nipple or genitalia.

For oral piercings it is not advisable to be pierced if your thinking of going out drinking alcohol the same evening as this can effect healing due thinning your blood down.

How long will it take to heal ?
Minimum anticipated healing times are as follows:-
Ears-cartilage 4 months. Lip-3 months
Nose– 4 months Eyebrow– 4 months
Navel– 5months Nipple– 4 months
Intimate piercings– 3 months.

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